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Blaire's Family Farm Restaurant

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  • Product Description
  • Blaire loves testing recipes in her mom’s restaurant kitchen and blogging about their cooking adventures on the farm’s website. They use fresh ingredients that they grow on their family farm! Includes lots of food for playtime:

    • A wooden open-air restaurant and kitchen with a service window so waiters can bring dishes out to guests
    • A reversible floor with faux grass for dining on one side, and a dance floor on the other
    • A farmhouse sink cabinet for washing dishes
    • A double-oven stove with a storage cabinet for cooking up delicious dishes
    • A farmhouse-style table and two green benches for dining
    • Pale-blue flour canister and sugar canister
    • Pretend iron sauce pan and copper stock pot
    • A mixing spoon for stirring
    • Freshly made cornbread and a baking pan that fit inside the oven
    • Salt and pepper shakers
    • A pretend chef’s knife for chopping ingredients
    • A bottle of olive oil for drizzling
    • Garnish stickers for the plates
    • A wedge of parmesan cheese and a cheese grater
    • Six eggs in a carton
    • A vase with a bouquet Blaire picked from her garden
    • Four placemats, menus, metal forks and knives; a dinner plate set; four drink glasses; and four dessert plates
    • Two reversible posters for decorating the kitchen
    • Two pretend string lights that hang from the pergola
    • A three-tiered service cart with a removable serving tray for bringing food from the kitchen
    • A stacked caprese salad
    • Fresh-baked bruschetta
    • Fettucine noodles and a salmon fillet
    • A gourmet baked pumpkin with a fried egg inside
    • A bowl of chocolate ice cream
    • A slice of lemon cake
    • Quantity limited to three per order.
    • All food items are pretend.
    • Due to its large size, this item cannot be gift-wrapped and cannot be shipped to APO/FPO, U.S. Territories, or outside the US and Canada.

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