Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Beyond the presents, lights and holiday treats, it’s also the most wonderful time of the year to impart meaningful values to your daughter and make unforgettable memories together.

It’s the season to give and receive, so teach your daughter to make others' lives merry and bright from a young age. Host a cookie decorating party and share the baked goodies among friends and neighbours (don’t forget to save some for Santa!). You can also volunteer your time by distributing Christmas care packages to charities. American Girl is taking part in Camp Mirdif’s winter camp this year, where they’re accepting toys for donation to children in need. Let your daughter her choose which toys to keep and which to give away to put a smile on a kid’s face.

There are many fun ways to show your daughter that she’s loved. Fill each day of an advent calendar with loving messages and sweets for your daughter leading up to Christmas Day. Or get the whole family involved and invite everyone to write a personalized message to one another and put in a jar. Then, on Christmas Eve, gather round to read what each member of the family wrote. Her doll is part of the family, too, so make sure to fill her stocking as well!

Routines provide more opportunities to interact together as a family. They also give your daughter more to look forward to in Christmas and help her associate the holidays with family time. Check out these unique traditions:

  • Have a Christmas movie night. Make it extra special with peppermint popcorn and matching pajamas!
  • Create a holiday playlist with everyone’s favorites! Play it while decorating the tree, driving or preparing Christmas dinner.
  • Celebrate in non-traditional ways, perfect for smaller families. Pop by Ski Dubai for a snowy Christmas where your daughter can meet Santa!
  • Take a family photo in the same spot every year. Put the photos in a scrapbook to see how much your daughter has grown.
  • Create your own Christmas tree ornaments! You’re invited to make your own at our stores as well as Christmas cards from December 14 to 24! Visit your closest American Girl store to book her spot.

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