Doll Hospital services:

When you admit your American Girl doll to the Doll Hospital, she'll be carefully handled to protect her from further injury. A team of doll doctors will examine her from head to toe and decide on a treatment to fix her "injuries"--everything from hair brushing to limb tightening to major "surgery".

General repair and care

  • Head replacement
    (same features as original doll)
  • Body replacement
    (torso and limbs)
  • Eye replacement
    (same eye color as original doll)
  • Reattachment of head
  • Reattachment of limbs
    (18" American Girl dolls only)
  • Total doll replacement
    (only repair service available for WellieWishers doll)

As a part of these procedures, your doll will have her hair brushed and her skin cleaned before she's discharged. She'll soon be on her way home with a smile on her face and special items to remember her stay, including:

  • Certificate of Good Health
  • Get Well card
  • Doll Hospital gown
    (plus a cap for Bitty Baby and socks for 18" and WellieWishers dolls)
  • Doll Hospital ID bracelet*
    *ID Bracelet not included with Bitty Baby/Twins for safety reasons

Additional services:

How to Admit an American Girl Doll

If your American Girl doll needs extra care from the experts at the Doll Hospital, follow these simple steps:

Prepare your American Girl doll for her visit to the hospital—detailed instructions are listed on the form.
Choose whether you want to have her ears pierced during her stay.
(18" American Girl dolls only)
For $16, she will have her ears pierced and get mix-and-match studs and dangle earrings.
Choose whether you want to add a hearing aid to one or both ears during her stay.
(18" American Girl dolls only)
For $14, our doll doctors will expertly fit her with a removable doll-sized hearing aid in one or both ears.


If you have a question about how to care for your American Girl doll, you may find the answer in the list of Frequently Asked Questions, or consult a Doll Doctor by calling 800-845-0005 or e-mailing