New Year New You

New Year New You
No matter their age, girls usually dread the first day of school. If you’re a mom to more than one, back to school season can mean more mayhem for you. Alleviate those first-day jitters and get her excited for another year of growth and learning at school with these tips.

Your daughter will probably struggle with transitioning from a carefree summer schedule to a more rigid school one. Ease her into the school routine by preparing for it in advance. A week before school begins, make bedtime 10 minutes earlier each night and set an alarm in the morning to fix her sleep schedule. Remember to readjust yours, too!

Learning should never feel like a chore, so instilling a reading habit in the summer also helps kids associate learning with fun.

You don’t need to say goodbye to a fun summer with your daughter when school starts! With the cooler weather coming up, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors. Why not do homework in the park for a change, or do a sport after school? Kids spend so much time cooped up indoors in classrooms, it’s good to get them outside, allow them to be active and appreciate nature. Take pictures of her outdoor activities to create a scrapbook documenting her memories for the semester.

Your daughter will look more forward to cracking her textbooks open if she chooses her own school supplies. Give her a say when you go back to school shopping, from colorful stationery to patterned notebooks and folders that she can use to color code her subjects. You can also set up a cozy study area in her room specially for homework, complete with a bulletin board that she can decorate with a schedule and images that inspire her. Don’t forget about recess! Involve your daughter in planning lunch and let her decide her favorite meals, too