Get the family together and do something different this holiday season! Spend a relaxing Christmas Day by having a picnic on the beach. If it’s too cold to go for a dip, your daughter will still enjoy spending time outdoors. The holiday spirit is still there – it doesn’t matter where you celebrate, as long as it’s with family.

Prepare some cookies for Santa or give the tradition a twist with some Middle Eastern cookies like maamoul! Christmastime is also a great opportunity to dig out an old family recipe to try and make together.

While it doesn’t snow in the United Arab Emirates, your daughter won’t miss out at Ski Dubai’s snow park. Or head to one of the many ice rinks in the city, put on your skates and stumble, glide and laugh as you pick up a new hobby together! After all, it’s never too early to try something new.

Encourage your daughter’s creativity by making personalized Christmas cards together to give to your family and friends. The possibilities with crafts are endless, so make some tree decorations, but why stop at angels and reindeers? Come up with a list of fun ornaments inspired by the Emirates that you can make together, and maybe a papier-mâché camel will call your tree home!

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