New Year New You

New Year New You
This Easter, add a twist to your favourite traditions and give your girl some springtime sunshine to remember. Remember Easter isn’t just a season of hope, it’s also a time for change, for new beginnings and wiping the slate clean. So, set your creativity loose this Spring and get yourself ready for a new start.

It’s out with old and in with the new this spring. Turn spring-cleaning into a game instead of a chore, with rewards and surprises for every task completed. Teach them the values of giving and generosity with a donate pile of toys, books and clothes. Buy a few special pieces for your closet – and theirs! – as the ultimate reward.

Get creative with your Easter egg hunt and turn it into a scavenger hunt to remember. Have fun and start with a theme, from superheroes to her favourite book. Use plastic eggs with clues inside leading them to a small prize at the end of the hunt.

On Easter, good things come in small delicious packages – and it’s better when it’s homemade! Get your hands dirty with your girl this spring, and dig into batter for some freshly baked goodness. Hot cross buns might be a favourite, but you could get creative with bunny-shaped cookies. Don’t forget to let her scrape the bowl!

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