New Year New You

New Year New You
Hooray! Your big day is coming up soon. While you may be getting ready to grab some well-deserved me-time, head to the nearest spa or enjoy the other perks Mother’s Day brings, this special day might also be a great opportunity to extend the celebrations and include your kids, your own mom and your circle of mom friends.

Leave household chores and homework behind and head out on an adventure together. Whether you end up going to the beach, running a marathon or checking into a nice hotel is completely up to you and your budget, as long as you make it a day dedicated to having fun together. In case you can’t head out, it can still be a day where you do nothing and get your kids to start helping out around the house, starting with making you breakfast without fighting!

Because we never really understand our moms until we have kids of our own. You may have gotten away with making her glittery cards for a while but it’s time to get serious and give your mom the royal treatment she deserves. Spend some quality time together as mother & daughter, minus the grandchildren for once, and make sure she knows how much you value her. Now that you’re older and wiser, a heartfelt letter listing all the things you had previously taken for granted might be the Mother’s Day gift she’s been waiting for.

Not that you need an excuse to hang out with your friends, but if you live away from home, your mom friends have a way of becoming your family away from home and Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate being part of each other’s support system. So head out for a moms only dinner and enjoy being waited on for a change. You can even organize a secret mommy helper raffle and have each mom bring a gift that can be won. Offering each other redeemable vouchers that you can cash in when you need them like emergency school pick-up or last-minute costume help are sure to be a success too!

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