Valentine's Day

New Year New You
Here comes February! The shortest month of the year where we get to celebrate one of the best feelings ever: LOVE! While Valentine’s Day is usually associated with romantic love, the occasion is a celebration of love, first and foremost. And who better to celebrate Valentine’s Day with than your kids, the people who love you unconditionally.

Whether you make each other sweet little cards, splurge on a fun day out or even host a Valentine’s Day party, remember that this day is not about gifts, but about celebrating the special bond you share. Because Valentine’s Day is all about love, you can make it a point to simply cherish the time you spend together. Try to cut down on whatever distractions usually get in your way like your phone or attending to too many guests. Instead, try having a simple mother and daughter (or family) picnic at the park or the beach, somewhere you can both disconnect from everything and reconnect to each other.

A great way to kick-start any tradition is to make sure you repeat the same thing every year. Create a Valentine’s Day box of memories by repurposing an empty shoebox and covering it with wrapping paper or a personal drawing. Then start adding one love letter or a picture of you together with a sweet message to your daughter every Valentine’s Day. That’s sure to add a personal touch to this special day but more importantly, reassure your daughter of how much you love her when she looks back at her Valentine’s box a few years from now. Other traditions could be homemade cards, a single red rose, heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, lunch at your daughter’s favorite restaurant, or even a selfie with both of you wearing red every Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day could be the perfect day to start your very own family scrapbook or maybe teach your daughter a delicious family recipe. It could also be your chance to build something together, make Valentine’s Day cards and distribute them to those less-fortunate or even do some gardening. Try to find an activity that you haven’t done before or that you know means a lot to her. This will allow you to cherish your moments together and could help you find a common activity you can enjoy together, throughout the year.

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