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Adventure Pop-up Camper

SKU: 887961590647
AED 999
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: 10
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  • Product Description
  • This home-away-from-home starts as a compact trailer when folded up. When the camper opens, the luggage rack on the outside doubles as a canopy frame, and a bright mesh and fabric canopy attaches to enclose it. Girls can decorate with the included string of colorful pretend ball lights and two sheets of stickers. Inside, there’s a bed that folds away for extra space, a cushion for the bench seat, and a cute kitchenette that can fold down for storage. There are even storage compartments for all of her essentials, including: 

    • A pretend flashlight that dolls can really hold
    • A pan, kettle, and metal spatula for pretending to cook
    • Two speckled plates, cups, bowls, and metal sporks
    • Pretend food: A loaf of bread, jars of peanut butter and jelly, a box of granola cereal, jugs of milk and orange juice, a juice can with a straw, pancakes and syrup, a box of pasta and jar of pasta sauce, and spaghetti with pretend meatballs on top
    • A mini American Girl magazine
    • A camping brochure
    • Cannot be gift wrapped.

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