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Luciana's Mars Habitat

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  • Product Description
  • Luciana’s dream is to be the first person on Mars, and this realistic habitat helps her learn what it would be like to live and work on the red planet! The habitat offers three-sided play, with more than 40 science, technology, and health accessories to set up and rearrange:

    • A realistic habitat with a pretend set of plants for growing, plant holder, glove box, vertical and horizontal storage boxes for equipment, two tables, and three wall hooks
    • Faux first aid supplies, including a bandage wrap, set of sticker bandages, thermometer, and first aid cream
    • Pretend rock samples, soil samples, petri dishes, box of slides, and microscope for research
    • Pretend headset, laptop, laptop screens, and laptop arm to communicate with mission control and record data
    • A set of pretend space food and container of water for meals
    • A pretend pair of virtual reality goggles, monitor, and set of monitor screens for remote control missions outside of the habitat
    • A set of photos, papers, notes, clipboard, and folder for keeping her research organized
    • Two dumbbells for working out to keep her muscles strong and healthy
    • A set of sticker sheets
    • A toy 3D printer that lights up and produces a prototype
    • A booklet, test tube tray, set of test tubes, and pair of safety glasses for conducting experiments
    • A control panel with joystick that lights up and comes with pre-recorded sounds (also includes the ability to record 10 sounds!) to help monitor the vitals of the habitat
    • Button-cell batteries included. Also requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.

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