Too Early

Too Early
There are plenty of studies that highlight the importance of reading to your child to your child from a very early age. Some even suggest that the earlier your child is exposed to books and reading, the better her chances are of becoming an early speaker and faster learner. But even kids born in homes filled with books can struggle to enjoy reading so how do you grow your child’s love for stories?

And we are not just talking about your newsfeed here. Children often copy their parents and one of the best ways to instill a love for reading is to display that behavior yourself. So, pick up a newspaper, a novel, a comic book or even one of your kid’s books. Anything to show your child that its part of your routine too.

Princess parties and tea parties are great but science parties are great too! Most times, our daughters don’t even know the possibilities of STEM so it’s up to you to show them. With science parties becoming more available, it might be a good idea to throw a Rock-it Science Party to introduce your daughter and her friends to the wonders of science.

With channels like Discovery Kids and shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Mythbusters, you can easily find exciting and captivating content to watch with your daughter. During quality moments like these, you can show her that you’re just as interested in science and the way the world works. She will surely share your enthusiasm and cherish these times together forever. Who knows, she can be the one making the next scientific breakthrough!

All said and done, science is one of the best ways to show your daughter that every experiment comes with its own set of obstacles, challenges and failures. The important thing is to use failure as an opportunity to learn and improve before moving on. Following one’s passion – any passion, especially STEM - requires resilience and courage; that’s why it’s important that you help her understand and navigate the challenges and setbacks along with the triumphs as early as possible so she can grow up knowing that she’s got what it takes to take on anything!