Mothers Day
There’s a reason why Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world; in the Middle East, the occasion falls on March 21st. It’s a day to show appreciation for all the love that moms put into their families, and their influence in raising daughters to become strong and successful women. As young girls’ biggest inspiration, moms deserve a big thank you for all that they do, whether that’s in the form of a fancy celebration or a small and intimate one. So, if you’re a mom, don’t forget to honor yourself as well.

The weather’s great these days, so why not spend your special day outdoors with your daughter? The perfect Mother’s Day picnic is one that you can prepare ahead of time (with minimal effort!), so that you don’t stress over details on the day and actually relax for once! Remember that it’s okay to delegate tasks—with the help of an adult, kids can easily prepare simple snacks or choose a bouquet for you.

Here’s where we think you should start…

It’s not a picnic without food, right? You can help out by chopping vegetables or assist in anything involving heat, but your daughter can help assemble the rest. Try making ahead these yummy suggestions:

  • Salads in mason jars
  • Your favorite sandwiches
  • Sliced raw vegetables and hummus or any other dip you like
  • Homemade smoothie in a travel jug
  • No-bake dessert, like lazy cake

Music makes everything better, so gather some tunes that you both love and sing your heart out on the way to your destination. Once there, soak up the sun and enjoy your playlist. Don’t forget the portable speakers!

You can talk, eat, play games (quizzes testing how well you know each other are perfect), or read a book while your daughter reads hers. Just be sure to leave clean-up duty to everyone else! It’s your day, after all.

Your picnic checklist:

  • Snacks
  • Tunes
  • Lots of love

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